Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Shimmering Flowers

 Sometimes a girl needs a cute hair flower that matches her outfit. Right?

Learn how to make this sweet flower clip using only basic supplies: plain white muslin fabric, a stamp and of course, our favorite, Shimmerz Vibez. It is an easy and fun project that you can even do with your kids! Remember, Shimmerz products are completely non-toxic and clean up with water so this is a stain free project.


The three color combinations that I created around Sunset Strip Vibez are:

1. Razzel Dazzel Berry, Sea Monkey and Sunset Strip Vibez
2. Blue Jeans, Fiery Fiesta, and Sunset Strip Vibez
3. Grape Escape, Hermit the Frog and Sunset Strip Vibez

As always, you can purchase Shimmerz products here.

*When you visit the Shimmerz store, please let Stacey know that you were inspired by the Education Team by indicating so in the notes section.*

Happy Shimmering!

Bethany Kartchner Pin It


Stac said...

Oooh, oooh, oooh, can't wait to try this. So cool! Thanks Bethany!

Rbarakat said...

Love it Bethany!

Lesley Langdon said...

That is really cool! Need to get me some Muslin!