Thursday, September 13, 2012

Etching a background......

Hi there.

Lydell here with you today, with a simple technique to create patterns in a background and an easy way to colour by layering Shimmerz Paints.

I saw an idea on Pinterest, (I looked but cant for the life of me find where....) where someone had created a wall effect by etching into modeling paste.  I dont have a brick wall mask, and really liked the idea of being able to use what I have on hand.  This idea of scratching into paint or other meduiums, while not new, really does make you get creative and start thinking of other ways to etch and colour into a thick medium, before its dried.  Usually done in mixed media settings on canvases and such, I thought it would be fun on a Layout. (Check the Shimmerz Blog in a few days to see the finished layout)

Hope you get some fun ideas for other techniques from this 'reminder' of etching into paints and pastes.  Its really effective!

Paints used

Spritz- Concrete, licorice, Treasured Hymn
Vibez- Vertigre, Snowstorm
Pearlz- This spuds 4 U
Shimmeringz- Bronzed Bombshell, Baby's breath

all can be found at the Shimmerz Store

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Stac said...

Very pretty indeed! Love that you created a brick wall without a template.