Monday, August 30, 2010

Shimmerz Meets Jewlery Part I

I've recently discovered that SHIMMERZ and jewlery just go together. We love to wear shimmery, shiney, blingy jewlery, and SHIMMERZ delivers. This first video will show you how to get started. It's so fun and super easy!!! Enjoy.

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Lesley Langdon said...

That is one awesome demo!!! I make jewelry, and own some Shimmerz Paint, and need to try this! However, I now want to buy one of those beadalon bead rollers - how cool is that?? Thanks for sharing! Your jewelry is fantastic and SO wearable! I loved that butterfly one at the back especially. :)

Beth said...

girl, that HAS inspired me!! awesome, smart, beautiful, creative...just a wonderful job!!! I love it!
I like to design my own jewelry, but have never used the products you shown. I am going to have to try it out!
thanks so much, Stac, for an awesome video post!

Roberta said...

Thanks so much Stac for this video! Your jewelry is fantastic.
I can not wait to see more videos.

Andrea said...

Stac, you're so cute! You have done a ton of jewlery!! Awesome job! I just may have to make some myself this weekend.