Sunday, July 18, 2010

Shimmerz Junque Journal

I first saw this project when I visited Tangie Baxter's booth at Bliss Fest in Mesa, AZ. I fell completely in love with the Junque Journal and knew I had to make one. So I did...Shimmerz Style!

Let me show you why this project rocks my socks.

I hope you're convinced of the necessity of a junque journal! (giggle...)

The Spritz and Vibez colors that I used in this project are...

Sea Foam

Red-y or not
Sunset Strip
Sea Monkey
Blue jeans
Hermit the Frog

As always, you can purchase Shimmerz products in the Shimmerz shop.

Thank you for watching!

Happy Shimmering!

Bethany Pin It


Michelle*G said...

Cute journal. Love the idea of getting the pages ready for creating this way.

BabyBokChoy said...

what a GREAT idea and what a darling journal, all ready to go!!

Stac said...

SOLD!!! I'm going to make one too. I'm so excited to have Gracie make one too. Thanks Bethany!!! Great ideas, info and inspiration.

Happy1234 said...

Hi, Just found your blog and glad I did. I also watched the Youtube video a while ago on Junque Journals and straight away had to buy a composition notebook just like the one you have used but I havent started yet!!although now I am going to start after watching your videos - I feel inspired. I hope I can get hold of some Shimmerz here in the UK.
Please will you do a video showing how you did the cover.