Friday, October 14, 2011

New Online Shimmerz Class with Bethany Kartchner -- Giveaway!

Calling all Shimmerz fans! There is a brand new online mixed-media scrapbooking class taught by Bethany Kartchner, Shimmerz endorsed educator!

Are you tired of creating beautiful scrapbook pages only to place them in binders never to be seen again? Do you have way too many awesome pictures and chunky memorabilia to place in a mini-album? Would you like to create meaningful and unique home decor?

If so, Shimmering Mixed-Media Memory Boards is for you! In this jam-packed course, sponsored by Shimmerz paints, we'll be creating beautiful mixed-media memory art to display in your home. This is scrapbooking taken to a whole new exciting level! Once you try it, you'll be hooked!

Here's a quick video introduction.

·       And the class syllabus.
  •         Week One: Introduction to Mixed-Media Memory Art, Prepwork
  •         Week Two: Creating and Designing The Board
  • ·       Week Three: Designing a unique mini-album using paper
  • ·       Week Four: Designing a unique mini-album using fabric
  • ·       Week Five: Catch-up Week: There will not be any new technique lessons, but you will still be inspired by our creative discussions.
  • ·       Week Six: Art Journaling Basics
  • ·       Week Seven: Creating Interesting Embellishments and Fun Stuff to make your project shine!
  •         Week Eight: Catch-up week. Tearful parting.
If you are new to mixed-media art, don't worry! We will be covering all the basics along with more advanced techniques in video demonstrations, narrated presentations, downloadable pdf tutorials, forums and a student gallery. 

When you register for Shimmering Mixed-Media Memory Boards, you'll receive a 20% discount on your Shimmerz order. (The details are in the classroom.) 

Now, here are the details about registering for this class.

1. Go to My Creative Classroom and register on the site. It is free and this allows you to check out all the class offerings. Do the whole verification email thing.
2. Once you've registered on the site, go to THIS LINK to register for my classes. 
3. Check out the materials lists and start gathering for classes!

Here's some more cool stuff including a GIVEAWAY!!!...

Bethany is also holding a giveaway for one spot in her Shimmering Mixed-Media Memory Boards course. This is a $45.00 value absolutely free!  


If you want a second chance to win, simply sign-up for her free newsletter! You can find the sign-up link on the left sidebar on her blog. Or you can sign up below.

A winner will be chosen on October 20th. If you win, but have already registered for the class, you'll receive a refund for the entire registration fee. So don't worry about that.

Good luck!
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