Monday, August 29, 2011

Enamelz Make Even the Prettiest More Beautiful!

I love flowers. I love real flowers, prints of flowers, fake flowers, flowers in my hair, flowers on my toenails... well, you get the point. I love flowers. So, as I am sitting in my scrap studio, watching summer give way to fall, and the last of my little blossoms starting to fade - I decided to make use of their beauty in a project or two.

Today we are going to print with flowers and then actually add the blossoms themselves to the project, enhance the colors using lots of Coloringzs, and then we are going to make them breathtaking with the addition of Enamelz. Just when you think the beauty of flowers can't get more fantastic... wait until you see how the Enamelz makes them shine.
Here is a peeky...

xx Heidi

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Stac said...

Oh Heidi!!! This is AMAZING. I would have never thought of using "real" flowers. I love how your uber creative brain thinks! It's gorgeous!!!

sandi said...

Wow! This is simply amazing! I love, love, love what you have created! Pure gorgeousness!

Lydell said...

Yum!!! Pretty much sums it up. LOVE that baby bump too! x