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Artist Spotlight : Lydell Quin

At Shimmerz we love our Education team and know that they are some of the best artists in the industry. We thought that you might want to get to know these talented ladies a bit better so each month we'll be interviewing one member of our team. Next up is Lydell Quin!

Please tell us about yourself and your style.
I am a thirty something SAHM of two, who used to be a teacher before resigning to be Mum.  I have been scrapbooking since before my DS was born 8-1/2 years ago.  I am a bit of a Jack of all trades and have my finger in many pies.  I co-own, run, make palettes and draw sketches for The Color Room, I design for Helmar USA, I sew as much as I can, and I make things almost daily, whether it be layouts, cards, gifts for others, things for my home or my kids, biscuits, cakes or pies....... I dabble in jewellery making , crochet and knitting.....there is just not enough hours in each day to get through my lists of what I'd like to do.

Mmmm my style?......I am drawn to negative space, and I enjoy details,  I like things lined up visually, but I Love messy art mediums.....all put together- I am not sure there is a name for it!!!

Where do you create? 
I have a wall of cupboards and a buffet cabinet surrounding our dining table.  Our Lounge/Dining room is one HUGE room......I create here, where everyone works and watches TV and functions as a family.  I enjoy being with everyone when I create.  (so long as the kids arent fighting!!!!)

My corner of the room....

My Desk.....
Storage Cupboards......
More storage.....
Where I video projects....

And My Favourite thing.......
A converted wine case, 
opened out, mounted to the wall -with shelves inserted 
to perfectly hold and display my Shimmerz products and other paints.

Tell us about your creation process. 
I find it easier to begin with my photo choices.  I have tried choosing product first but a photo start works for me!   Sometimes though I have a product line in mind that I know I want to use first....but my photos are usually my starting point.  I might also have a technique I would like to try out, and know that will feature somewhere in my project.  I never have a vision of what my work will look like at the end, I create as I go and it always turns out how it turns pre-visions for me!!!!

Where do you find inspiration?
The Color Room is fantastic inspiration, scrapping with a set palette is very cool, and pushes your creative boundaries......Short of that, I find inspiration on blogs, advertising, movie posters,  junkmail catalogues and home decore images, I also find really good digi work really inspiring too! 

Are you messy or tidy?
I like to be tidy, and I am a bit of a clean freak (as much as I can be with kids and DH leaving things around.....) but I am sad to say I am a messy scrapper.  I sometimes look down and realise I am working in a little 6 x 6 inch square on my desk surrounded by product piles and a mountain of tools......and I sigh.....

Do you sit down and complete one project at a time or do you work on multiple projects at once?
Usually one at a time......that said......I have packets and packets of unfinished albums and Layouts in my cupboard.  What does that tell me?

What is your favorite Shimmerz product? Why?
My favourite Shimmerz Product........mmmmmm......I love them all, they all serve a purpose!  I would say coloringz though, purely for their colour intensity.

How do you choose the color schemes for your projects? 
I look at my photos first, and see if there are colours I can not use, rather than matching perfectly,  If I am not using a palette from The Color Room (where the hard work of picking a palette is already done for you)  I use my little Shimmerz Swatch book, which makes it simple to put good looking colours together. (See images below)

What is your favorite thing to do besides making art?
I enjoy cooking (when I don't have to)....I love sewing and re-purposing kids clothes to last another season and I really enjoy making gifts for people.  I LOVE curling up in bed with my DH and power watching part of a season of our favourite Sci-fi show.

Have you read any good books lately? Which ones?
I have recently read part 1,2,3 & 4 of the series of the Vampire Diaries......I tend to enjoy ones nothing like real life so i can totally escape for a while.  I limit my reading though as its really not that good for me.  I CANT put a book down.  I read all night and stop when I am finished, as much as I know I should sleep, or get meals  (LOL!!!!!) I get incredible guilt, watching my DH get the kids what they need and keep reading anyway!!!!!  So a good book is a BIG luxury!

What is your favorite way to de-stress? 
For instant de-stressing I play the piano LOUD, if I just need some therapy time, I create, and John takes the kids to the park or the museum.

What, in your mind, is the ultimate luxury?
I think I already covered that one with my book reading habits......But I have another.......Every few months My DH takes the kids to my parents house 2 hours away on the beach and I invite over my 4-5 closest girlfriends who all leave their kids with their DH and we have a weekend long girls sleepover.  We decide whether it will be scrapping or sewing based (sometimes both) and we cook delicious food, have facials and nail painting sessions and we talk until there are no words left!!!!!  Total bliss!!!

Could you please share your favorite Shimmerz project with us? Why is it your favorite?

I have many favourite Shimmerz Projects, but this one would have to be the MOST useful.  I use it ALL the time, for almost every project.  It is invaluable to see what colours look like dry.

Please feel free to ask Lydell any more questions in the comments section!
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