Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Artist Spotlight - Rita Barakat

At Shimmerz we love our Education team and know that they are some of the best artists in the industry. We thought that you might want to get to know these talented ladies a bit better throughout the month we'll be interviewing one member of our team. Second up is Rita Barakat!

 Please tell us about yourself and your style.

My name is Rita Barakat. I have been married to my wonderful hubby for almost 20 years. Before I had children I painted life size murals for a living. I am blessed to be a SAHM (stay at home mom) to five beautiful children ages 19 down to 5! My talents are all in the fine arts. I have directed a youth choir and drama team for the past 6 years. I sing and have always been a crafter and an artist. We recently moved to TX so we are starting over. I love anything to do with art so Shimmerz was right up my alley! I have scrap booked for 8 years but have painted as long as I can remember so you will find paint and other mixed medias on my layouts. I  guess you could call my style eclectic. I am always experimenting, trying new things. 

 You can find my blog here

 Where do you create?Do you have a studio space? A small nook in the kitchen?

I used to have a scrapbook room until we moved. Right now we are in temporary housing so space is small. I scrap on the kitchen table or sometimes an end table- it is hard! I don't know how apartment girls do it! I am looking forward to moving into our new home so I can have a scrapbook room again! (You'll have to check back with me in the summer!)

Where do you find inspiration?

I get inspiration from everything all around me! Sometimes it’s a color combination, or a song and sometimes it’s an item that will spark an idea. I especially love looking at vintage items and/or mixed media.

 Are you messy or tidy?

I start off with my are totally clean but it does turn into a disaster when I get  working on a project, especially if  I am on a time limit! I do try to clean in between projects!

Do you sit down and complete one project at a time or do you work on multiple projects at once?

I have several things going on at once but not like you think. Because of drying time I have to set things aside to dry and work on something else. I will also post a project on the wall to look at it the next day for a different perspective, I may change or add something later or leave it alone. Projects are posted for 3-4 days until I am satisfied.

What is your favorite Shimmerz product? Why? What is your favorite Shimmerz color?

It depends on the day! Lately it is Shimmerz Spritz Barn Door, Sea Monkey and  Vibez Sunset Strip. Sunset Strip I use on top of everything because it gives everything that extra gold shimmer!

Could you please share your favorite Shimmerz projects with us?

 This is a canvas with paper project for my girls the Shimmerz products I used were Shimmerz Spritz Barn Door & Ruby and Shimmerz Bingz in Flashee Fushia! I love creating art with purpose. I created this for my girls bathroom - I always want them to remember that they are amazing just the way they are. Especially as young women, I want to instill confidence in my girls (and boys), that kind that comes from within - it doesn't matter what the media says, they are beautiful.

I used Shimmerz Blingz in Island Salsa on the chipboard of this layout. I just love this layout because I don't usually like doing birthday photos - but this had a very different feel to it. Our kids grow up so quickly and to me this really captured her innocence and excitement for this moment.

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