Monday, June 28, 2010

Shimmerz Licorice Spritz vs. Before Dawn Vibez

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the two black mists that Shimmerz produces? Wonder no more!

Licorice Spritz and Before Dawn Vibez are amazing products with very different ways of reacting on paper. Watch my video as I demonstrate how different these two seemingly similar products really are!

I case those projects whizzed by too fast, here are some still pics for you.

The layout that I created with Shimmerz Spritz in Licorice appears like a beautiful silver wash in the background. Can you imagine how cool this product would be used with a mask and black cardstock? Can't wait to give that a whirl!

My project using Shimmerz Vibez in Before Dawn has a much more subtle effect. The Before Dawn Vibez appears more like individual sparkles on black paper. You can see the beautiful shimmer on the close-up of the crepe paper border. (The very edge is glitter. The Vibez can be seen on the ruffled part.)

In conclusion...if you are looking for a silver-y wash of color, reach for your Licorice Spritz. If you are looking for sparkle that doesn't overwhelm the background, reach for your Before Dawn Vibez.

Have fun playing with these great products!

Happy Shimmering!

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