Monday, February 15, 2010

Shimmerz Vibez v. Spritz

I bet you've been wondering what the difference is between the new Shimmerz Vibez and Shimmerz Spritz. Wonder no more! This video should clear everything up.


Here are the finished tags from the video.

To create the tag on the left, I used Shimmerz Spritz in Ruby (pink) and Shimmerz Vibez in Jeni B. Bleu (blue).

To create the card on the right, I used Shimmerz Vibez in RazzleDazzle Berry.

You can purchase Shimmerz products here.

Happy Creating!

Bethany Pin It


Lucy Edson said...

Great tips, Bethany!! I love the differences and amazing variety from both the Vibez and the Spritz!

Jana Eubank said...

Great video, Bethany!

Jeni Boisvert said...

Awesome Video Bethany, you explain everything so well. Love the gorgeous tags! xxxooo

Stac said...

WONDERFUL!!!!! What else can I say? :)